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    Posted on Oct 17, 2017

    This Woman Got A Wonder Woman Tattoo After Her Double Mastectomy And It's So Bad Ass

    This is what a warrior looks like.

    Allow me to introduce you to this totally bad ass mother of four, Stephanie Kelly.

    Last year Kelly tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, an inherited gene that is often linked to breast cancer.

    "With my family history I had always considered it to be a case of when and not if when it came to breast cancer. The test results confirmed this for me," Kelly told BuzzFeed.

    Kelly was quick to take action and decided to undergo a double mastectomy. While Kelly was able to lean on friends and family for support, she also found comfort in the Goddess of Love and War herself: Wonder Woman

    "I've been dealing with chronic pain from a car wreck for the last 14 years and have always looked to her for an example of bravery. When this all started I joked that she was my 'spirit animal' or 'patronous'. And the thought just grew," Kelly said.

    So once her skin had healed after the operation, Kelly found her chance to reclaim her body, and what better way than with a Wonder Woman tattoo?

    The chest piece took five sessions, each more painful than the last, but the finished product is something quite spectacular.

    Kelly knows she was lucky to have an incredible support team behind her during this process which is why she doesn't mind being so open about her life on social media. "I've shared every single step of my journey because I had a hard time finding other younger women that had been through it. But they are out there," Kelly said.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, Stephanie, and for being an example of a true warrior. Diana Prince would be proud.

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