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Can You Guess These Celebrities Made Out Of Sushi?

Waka Flocka Firecracker Roll

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Hello everyone, let me introduce you to ultra talented Milan based chef Yujia Hu.

@theonigiriart / Via

Hu started making waves on Instagram after uploading photos of sushi recreations of classic sneakers, otherwise known as "Shoe-shi".

@theonigiriart / Via

Well, it seems Hu does more than just recreate footwear. In fact, Hu has an entire line of celebrity sushi portraits, and the results are pretty damn stellar.

@theonigiriart / Via

Say hello to Captain Jack Sparrow.

So let's see if you can recognize some of the celebrity recreations Hu sculpted out of sushi.

@theonigiriart / Via

Hi, this is surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

  1. Let's start off pretty easy. What movie are these two bad mofo's from?
  2. And do you remember the name of this big boss?
  3. Does this meme ring any bells?
  4. Any idea who this smiley rapper might be?

    Instagram: @theonigiriart

Keep up the beautifully delicious work, Yujia Hu.

@theonigiriart / Via

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