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    These Floor Optical Illusions Are Basically A Drunk Person's Worst Nightmare

    *Looks at post and immediately trips*

    Here is what a normal, average floor looks like.

    From2015 / Getty Images

    And here is what hell on Earth looks like.

    @MrMuselk / Via Twitter: @MrMuselk

    That floor is completely flat, I promise.

    Next we have a totally run-of-the-mill apartment entryway.

    Piovesempre / Getty Images

    And here is an ankle-busting entryway that will definitely land you in urgent care.

    @DuncanCook10 / Via Twitter: @DuncanCook10

    Let's take a moment to gaze longingly at this classic brick sidewalk.

    Kosmos111 / Getty Images

    Now let's scream at this wavy sidewalk guaranteed to make drunk you trip and fall multiple times.

    @MarilynBrock / Via Twitter: @MarilynBrock

    Oh what a sweet looking bathroom, right?

    Kbwills / Getty Images

    Now just imagine stumbling into this bathroom at night and trying to navigate your way to the toilet.

    @ccluster99 / Via Twitter: @ccluster99

    I don't know about you, but as an accident prone and incredibly clumsy human I feel very attacked by these designs. But don't worry. Here's a perfectly symmetrical hallway to soothe your weary soul.

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