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This Kid Just Created The Most Bad Ass Superhero Of All Time


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When Amanda Mancino sent her 10-year-old daughter, Luca, off to art camp, she had no idea Luca would end up creating a superhero that would take the internet by storm.

My child went to art day-camp today. One project was to make a new superhero. This is what my child made.

@Manda_like_Wine / Via Twitter: @Manda_like_wine

Janet, Luca's superhero creation, cuts people with giant scissors and is, "a hero only to herself." (Same girl, same.) After tweeting out a picture of Luca's drawing, Mancino received a swarm of positive feedback from illustrators who created their own version of Janet.


@marshiiyg / Via Twitter: @marshiiyg

Some portrayed Janet as a bloody scissor wielding villain.

@Manda_like_wine I would totally read a comic based off of janet tbh. here's a quick doodle of her b/c she seems li…


While others exclaimed that Janet was their new hero.

@Manda_like_wine janet is my hero too

@k4tsuz / Via Twitter: @k4tsuz

Mancino told the Huffington Post that Luca was inspired to create Janet after watching a talk with Stephen King where she fell in love with the idea that "a character with a regular name could be something amazing."

@Manda_like_wine This post made my day - I always draw with my kids - they will totally love the original better to…

@FrancisKneebone / Via Twitter: @FrancisKneebone

Move over Edward Scissorhands, there is a new badass in town and her name is Janet.

@Manda_like_wine We were gonna give Rosie a bath, but #JANET cosplay seemed like a more productive activity.…

@MikeAASmith / Via Twitter: @MikeAASmith

How long until Netflix picks up Janet to be their next original series?

@Manda_like_wine Every superhero needs a logo. Here ya go.

@CreativeGrenade / Via Twitter: @CreativeGrenade

Keep on drawing Luca! Thank you for blessing us with the hero we all wanted but certainly did not deserve.

@Manda_like_wine Janet is the hero we need right now.

@NickBossRoss / Via Twitter: @NickBossRoss

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