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A Church Hired An Amateur To Restore A 16th Century Artifact And Nope, It Did Not Go Well

Imagine waiting 500 years for a makeover and it looks like this ...

Art restoration is no easy task, and the stakes get even higher when you're working with important religious artifacts. When restoration is done well and in a professional setting, it looks a little something like this.

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Unfff so satisfying.

But sometimes amateurs take matters into their own hands and you wind up with a restoration that ... falls short. Just ask the Church of St. Michael in Estella, Spain which recently asked a local art workshop to restore a 16th century wooden carving of St. George.

ACRE Restorers Association

Here's an up close look at St. George's face before the restoration.

ACRE Restorers Association

And here's what he looks like in his newly restored state.

ACRE Restorers Association

Are you thinking, "Hey maybe it's not that bad?" Here's a look at the full wooden carving now that it's been "restored."

ACRE Restorers Association

The unauthorized restoration was so, um, different that the mayor of Estella had to release a statement about the artifact. "I don't think it was done with malice, Koldo Leoz told The New York Times, "but they have obviously not acted responsibly with the treasure they had in their possession."

ACRE Restorers Association

It didn't take long for news of the restoration to spread, and you better believe jokes about St. George's new look followed swiftly after.

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Nuevas fuentes informan que la restauradora del San Jorge de Estella es muy fan de Tintín...

@panse1981 / Via Twitter: @panse1981

This isn't the first time a restoration has gone sideways in Spain. Many likened St. George's new look to the poorly conceived Ecce Homo painting restoration from 2012.

A word to the wise, next time a religious artifact needs a little touch up, let's leave the restorations to the professionals.

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