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People Keep Remixing Childish Gambino's "Redbone" And Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

This is grade-A baby-making music.

May I have everyone's attention. This right here is the brilliant and adorable Donald Glover.

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Some may know him as Earnest "Earn" Marks from the FX show Atlanta. Others may know him as Troy from the NBC show Community.

NBC / Via

And for those of you who didn't already know, he is ALSO the amazing rapper known as Childish Gambino.

MTV / Via

In December 2016, Glover released his latest album, Awaken, My Love, which contains the standout track "Redbone." This song is a masterpiece and already has over 131 million listens on Spotify.

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Well, because the internet decides to ruin everything I love and hold sacred, they turned this song into a meme. People have been remixing it to represent how it would sound in certain situations — for example, a house party.

What Redbone would sound like while you're making out in the bathroom of a house party

@chloestixx / Via Twitter: @chloestixx

The situations are have sometimes been incredibly specific, such as when you realize you have 11 chicken nuggets in your box instead of 10.

what redbone would sound like in the bathroom of a house party when you realize you got eleven chicken nuggets inst…

@paige_hickok / Via Twitter: @paige_hickok

Here is what "Redbone" would sound like if you were doing the Pacer fitness test in your middle school gym class.

What Redbone would sound like if you were in your grade school gym class

@I_am_Yuseless / Via Twitter: @I_am_Yuseless

Okay this one is pretty great.

Or if you were dining in Hell's Kitchen.

what redbone would sound like if u were in the dining room of gordon ramsays hells kitchen

@chulomang / Via Twitter: @chulomang

I'm so done. They took what was quite possibly the best ~sexytime~ song and soiled it.

What Redbone would sound like if you were standing in line for the bathroom next to a guy whos only heard it once b…

Ian Crumley / Via Twitter: @iancrumley

Thanks for ruining everything I love, internet. Thanks a lot.

NBC / Via
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