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    People Are Sharing The Worst Things They Did To Their Sims And Everyone Is A Monster

    "Lure in as many Sims as possible, remove the door, and launch the fireworks."

    Earlier this week Reddit user RMFKB posed the question, "What's the worst thing you ever did in The Sims?" Here are some of the most ridiculous answers.

    1. The slow death:

    "Probably not the first, but I'd place them in a 1x1 walled room with windows and a phone so they could slowly starve, call for pizza, watch it arrive, have no way to collect it, look at it on the floor after the delivery driver leaves it, and then watch the food go moldy. No idea why." β€”nice_lemon


    2. The deadly firework show:

    "I used to make a room with rugs covering every floor tile except one in the corner. I'd place a firework launcher in that free space. Lure in as many sims as possible. Remove the door, launch the firework and watch them all burn simultaneously... I was a pretty messed up kid." β€”Lord_Tornin

    New Line Cinema

    3. The nursing home:

    "I once made an old folks home with a survival twist. There was a maze with the one sink to bathe in and one refrigerator. Butt naked old people everywhere. Once they died off one by one, the lone survivor was an old cowboy. He went mad from seeing ghosts all the time. It was great." β€”Stone_LX9

    Dimension Films

    4. The hall of portraits:

    "My Sim would seduce the neighborhood husbands, get them to leave their family, WooHoo them, paint their portrait, and then kick them out. Then I hung the portrait in the long hallway to my Sim's bedroom, so each new victim walked past a gallery of all the previous victims.

    "The old family won't take the cheater back, so they basically end up living alone in a crappy little crackerbox, watching both their ex-wife and the former lover enjoying life without them." β€”TXMount

    BRI Productions

    5. The glass room:

    "There was this single player house owned by a military general. He was a dick. So much of a dick that I decided to trap him inside a 10 square ft glass house with only a toilet inside. He had no privacy, everyone walking by could see him go to the bathroom and then pass out on the floor afterwards. He starved to death three days later." β€”cappz3


    6. The warranted punishment:

    "I once made a legacy family. Was intending to have 10 generations of beautiful Sims, but my first sim's husband had apparently had plastic surgery. Her kid came out with a hook nose.

    "As punishment for this, I locked the husband in a 1x1 box with half walls and had my Sim entice a new husband right in front of the box. He had three days of watching his wife cheat on him and starving to death as punishment for an ugly nose." β€”Selphie12


    7. The fiery end:

    "The one time I legitimately tried to play the game, the wife died in a cooking fire, husband made a deal with the grim reaper to bring her back, still couldn't put the fire out, then both husband and zombie wife succumbed to the flames and I exited the game with a little less light in my eyes." β€”wtfblue


    8. The cheating wife:

    "Made a male who had romantic, loving family traits and a female who always wanted babies and had slutty traits. Started them as roommates and organically grew their relationship. Once they were fully maxed out in their relationship, married, etc I locked the husband in a dungeon with a glass wall and a bed on the other side. I then allowed the wife to get her woohoo fill.

    "I used a mod that instantly maxed attraction of other sims. She banged every other sim she could find. She always brought them into the basement so the husband could watch through the glass. (I am not 100% sure the game actually allowed him to see her through the glass, but it was part of the fantasy.) I do know that his relationship stats went to the absolute worst and basically he wanted to do nothing but cry all day." β€”OSHA_Compliant_Penis


    9. The trapped worker:

    "I got really annoyed when my sims had a baby and it wouldn't stop wailing, so I built a tiny outbuilding and moved it in there, then removed the doors.

    "Eventually a social services worker appeared out of thin air and grabbed the baby, but she then couldn't magically teleport back out of the outbuilding, so she just stood in there holding the baby. For eternity." β€”Throlkim


    10. The clock room:

    "I built one room with only clocks, put a sim in and took away the doors. Another room had only mirrors, put a sim in and took away the doors. They had to live the rest of their little lives watching themselves decay, or watching the time tick tock away." β€”VideoGameViking

    Columbia Pictures

    11. The wife's revenge:

    "My sim found out her husband was cheating with the maid so I built a room full of fireplaces in the back yard with big windows and trapped the husband inside. The wife watched as he burned to death and then made the maid clean up his ashes before firing her." β€”sorryitsrachel


    12. The genie legacy:

    I made a bright red genie who married a another genie. Had genie kids who only married other genies. Got the expansion that allowed future travel and met my great great grand kids... WHICH WERE FUCKING PIXIES.

    "I burned down their house, their neighborhood, then took their graves and used cheats to put them in the local dump. Went back to the past and had more genie kids to correct the lack of magical lamp rubbers." β€”Mace_Of_Astora


    13. The people zoo:

    "I liked to make neighbor zoos in The Sims 1. Invite people over, do some grilling in the front yard, then trap them with velvet ropes. Outfit their pens with necessities, then invite new friends and passersby to check out my zoo. Trap those people, repeat." β€”Umasou


    14. The plant room:

    "Back in The Sims 3 after a heavy night drinking, I built a plant torture room.

    5x9 room filled with potted plants, while the ground was covered in sprinklers to keep the plants alive. The walls were covered end-to-end with flatscreen TVs, always on and set to the gardening channel.

    "I can't remember what my reasoning was, I think I'd tried to do some gardening in the game and none of my seeds came out right, so in a drunken rage I condemned a group of plants to watch botanical snuff films for the rest of their natural life." β€”OldNeckbeardy

    20th Century Fox

    15. The battle of the sexes:

    "After I got bored of killing my Sims myself, I started making challenges. One of them was 'Battle of the Sexes', in which two identical houses were made, side-by-side on one lot. I put four men in one side, and four women in the other, gave them everything they needed, but then took away the doors once they were inside. Both houses had a crappy stove, a fireplace, fireworks, and no smoke alarms.

    "Set it to 3x speed and wait to see which ones burn themselves to death first. In case you're wondering, the men started a fire with the stove first, but before they finished burning to death the women started a fire using the fireplace and joined them." β€”CupcakesAtWork


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