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    Nicole Kidman Is Not Here For Anyone Moving In With Their Partner Before Getting Engaged

    Raise your hand if you feel uncomfortable.

    Nicole Kidman and Kit Harington had an awkward moment yesterday night on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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    Corden starting asking Harington about what it's like moving in with his costar turned girlfriend Rose Leslie, and Harrington couldn't be more adorable.


    Harrington talked about how he loves living with Leslie and we learned that he even calls her darling. *Swoons*

    But then Nicole Kidman swooped in, just like your family at Thanksgiving, and put Harington on the spot, asking, "Are you gonna get married?"

    Everyone's reaction was priceless. Corden's face was all like, "Oh no, she didn't just ask my guest that."

    And Harington was like, "I've made a huge mistake."

    Meanwhile, Kidman was just loving every second of it.

    Honestly, the three of them all together looks like a modern Renaissance painting.

    You'd think this awkward moment would spark a quick segue to a different topic, but Kidman continued, saying, "I just think it's kind of nice if you're gonna live together to at least get engaged."

    While you've got to appreciate Kidman playing the ultimate wing woman, I can't imagine the conversation between Harington and Leslie when he gets home.


    While there are no plans for a Game of Thrones engagement just yet, let's hope if they do get married it's not a red wedding for Harington and Leslie.



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