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    17 Knock Offs That Are So Bad They're Legendary

    Something seems off, but I can't quite but my finger on it.

    1. Artificial butter so tasty, you'll never forget it.

    2. Nothing but respect for MY plumber, Super Mariano.

    3. Sorry we don't have Mountain Dew here, but may I interest you in a different mountain beverage?

    4. Ah yes, Blue, the elusive 152nd original Pokemon.

    5. When there's something strange in my neighborhood I call the "Spook Chasers."

    6. The new Avengers film looks ~so good~.

    7. A doctor for every illness.

    8. When you're too manly for a Band-Aid, it's time to pull out your Power-Strips.

    9. I love products that are straight and to the point.

    10. This is both a food product, and my rapper name.

    11. No, no, thank YOU.

    12. Oh look, it's milk's favorite cookie.

    13. Is this G-Eazy's cousin?

    14. I relax in my Golvin's.

    15. It's like if Taboo, Boggle, and Scrabble had a screwed up love child.

    16. It's a' me, Koalio.

    17. And finally, why be cool when you can be chill?