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26 Pride Memes That Will Make Every Queer Person Say “MEEE!"

It's not June, it's pride month.

1. What is this "June" everyone keeps talking about?

you: it's june me, an intellectual: it's pride month

@judgementalgay / Via Twitter: @judgmentalgay

2. When your parents stressed the importance of same sex sleepovers. / Via

3. So you're telling me the popular guy falls for the nerdy girl after all? / Via

4. Gay films should not be that hard to make.

me: can i get a gay film hollywood: ya me: can i get one with nonwhite characters & no abusive relationships hollywood: movie machine broke

@plantblogger / Via Twitter: @plantblogger

5. Please remind me how gays are corrupting society again?

straight ppl: movies with gay people together shouldn't be allowed! Think of the kids!! also straight ppl:

@itzzkait / Via Twitter: @itzzkait

6. Straight labels would actually be pretty great.

If heterosexuals had labels like butch, femme, or andro:

@idreamofdapper / Via Twitter: @idreamofdapper

7. If only being gay was a viable excuse to not do the dishes.

me: my sexuality does not define me, im so much more than just a member of the LGBT+ community! also me:

@glumkid / Via Twitter: @gIumkid

8. Do you think they're just really good friends, or is that his boyfriend?

Terron Moore / Via Twitter: @Terr

9. No face, no nudes. / Via

10. I promise I'll be more queer next year.

When you renew your LGBT contract and have to face the board of directors

@blaggot / Via Twitter: @blaggot

11. Oh so you're scared your lesbian coworker is hitting on you? Fascinating Aunt Carol, tell me more.

12. Repeat after me, not all lesbians have undercuts.

13. We're here and we're queer. / Via

14. How everyone comes out of the closet. / Via

15. Straight? In 2017? Not here. / Via

16. God forbid little Susie gets a boy Kinder egg. / Via

17. Sorry if two women holding hands is offending your delicate sensibilities.

18. Pansexuality is pretty self explanatory.

don't 👏 call 👏 yourself 👏 pansexual 👏 if 👏 you've 👏 never 👏 deepthroated 👏 a 👏pan👏

@memeconnect / Via Twitter: @memeconnect

19. The heart wants what it wants.

Media: We created this handsome boy for women to fall in love with Women, pointing to alien/monster/badass lady: no, that one

@ritzyfoxx / Via Twitter: @ritzyfoxx

20. First one to touch the floor is straight.

@poulainne1 / Via Twitter: @poulainne1

21. Announce your gayness with authority.

straight creators: queer people don’t constantly announce and reaffirm their queerness me, a queer: *eating ice cream* god, I’m so gay

@ritzyfoxx / Via Twitter: @ritzyfoxx

22. Damn, I knew cousin Mike was totally gay.

At a family funeral and all I do is check Grindr to see if any of my cousins are gay.

Carlos Santana / Via Twitter: @CarlosSantanaZz

23. The word bitch is an integral part of the LGBT community.

24. One solid explanation for what LGBT means.

25. Or maybe LGBT means this.

Common Gay Boy / Via Twitter: @CGBPosts

26. If we're being honest, it probably just means this.