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This Small Detail At The End Of "Elf" Is So Sweet And Now I Need A Moment Alone

And I didn't think this movie could get any better.

We're all familiar with the classic Christmas film Elf, correct?

Well strap in folks, because a small detail from the end of the film has recently been brought to my attention and we need to discuss it.

Here I was, drinking my coffee and minding my own damn business, when suddenly Twitter user, and fellow BuzzFeed staffer, Kayla Yandoli changed my life by tweeting about the name of Buddy's daughter.

after 14 years, i JUST realized buddy and jovie named their daughter "susie" after buddy's mom 😭

@kaylayandoli / Via Twitter: @kaylayandoli

If you haven't seen the film in a while (shame on you) let me refresh your memory. Buddy, the son of Susan Wells and Walter Hobbs, was given up for adoption and then, as a baby, snuck into Santa's bag one Christmas and was raised in the North Pole.

When Buddy learns he was adopted and not technically an elf, he's shown a picture of his real parents, which is when he learns his mother is already dead.

So Buddy goes to New York, meets his dad, pisses off some businessmen, eats a lot of sugar, saves Christmas, and also falls in love with a blonde Zooey Deschanel.

Finally, at the end of the movie Buddy has a child of his own, and we see her name is Susie, which, unless you're a heartless creature and have some other cynical explanation, means Buddy named her after his mother Susan.

Basically that's the sweetest thing and I'm an emotional mess because I love this movie so much and now it's even better.