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Clutch Your Pearls People, The Starbucks Holiday Cup Design Is Here

No, it's not just all red.

OK y'all, you came here for one very specific reason so let's just get to it. Two years ago Starbucks holiday cups received a lot of attention due to their minimalist design.

In fact, many defenders of Christmas found the cup design so disgraceful that they swore to boycott Starbucks for the rest of the holiday season.

Since you're running away from Christianity, I'm running from you! Just exercising my financial choice #ccot #tcot

@Hael381 / Via Twitter: @Hael381

Last year the company also selected a series of customer-designed cups to print in limited runs.

Well on Tuesday, Reddit user DarthSpoopy posted this photo with the caption, "Just got it in our order. Holiday short cup design!??"

Starbucks has yet to announce the red cup release date, but generally they come out toward the beginning of November so keep your eyes peeled.