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These Goth Lattes Are Literally Darker Than Your Soul

It's like if Wednesday Addams was a drink.

Raise your hand if you are totally and completely over the rainbow food, drink, and hair trend?

Well lucky for you the world has gifted us with a solution to the multicolored madness — goth lattes.

As we question our futures and whether or not the apocalypse is nigh, the goth latte offers a glimpse into the darkness that will soon surround us.

These black beauties have been popping up mostly in the UK and Australia, but it’s just a matter of time before your local coffee shop is serving them up.

These blacker than your soul lattes are made with activated charcoal which is rumored to have purifying health benefits.

Can a drink have resting bitch face, because I’m pretty sure these lattes have it.

You can claim you want to try the goth latte for health reasons, but I know you’re just buying it for an Instagram pic. Don’t worry, I don’t judge.

So try one or one hundred. The world might end soon, so who cares anymore? Sip your worries away on a goth latte and let the blackness consume you.