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    Dec 20, 2017

    If Your 2017 Sucked, Then This Is The Only Song You Need To Listen To In 2018

    BRB playing this song on repeat until the day I die.

    As we FINALLY say goodbye to the absolute clusterfuck that was 2017, it's time to look forward and seize opportunities for happiness in 2018.


    But Delaney, how can you guarantee that my 2018 will be a better year? Oh, I'm so glad you asked. The best way to start new year off right is by blasting an absolute badass anthem that will power you through whatever 2018 has in store.


    So, my dear honored comrades, colleagues, compatriots, and confidants allow me the esteemed pleasure of introducing you to the only song you need hear in 2018, Mental Karate.

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    This absolute BOP of a song was created by the L.A. based band Thumpasaurus, and it's everything I needed at the end of 2017.

    Got a passive aggressive roommate? Chop chop bitch, get that negativity out of your life.

    Overwhelmed with anxiety? Karate chop those feelings away.

    Mental karate is an exercise for your mind AND your body, so basically it's a win-win.

    So get ready to run head first into 2018 ready to tackle your problems with a new kickass anthem to propel you towards greatness.

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