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Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Attention World: Adam Driver Has Always Been Hot And Y'all Are Just Late To The Party

Wake up sheeple.

So Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally came out this past weekend and with it came a shirtless Kylo Ren, aka Adam Driver. Understandably, my thirsty internet brethren freaked out.

That shirtless kylo ren scene though

@VodkaMahal / Via Twitter: @VodkaMahal

But I'm not here to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I'm here because I am a woman of faith, and as such it is my job to share the gospel with all of you.


So if you open up your thirst Bibles to the book of Daddies and read chapter six, verse nine, you will see it clearly states that ADAM DRIVER HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SNACK.


I mean if shirtless Adam Driver doesn't give you the vapors, you may need to go see a doctor.


Oh, and he also looks damn good in a hoodie.


You shouldn't need glasses to deduce that Adam Driver is an absolute tall glass of water.

Transmissions Film

I mean, the man has legs for daaaaaays.

@adamblessdriver / Via

And just look at him hanging out with his dog.

@adamsdriver / Via

Now let's all bow our heads and thank the universe for blessing us with Adam Driver's six pack.

@mudblood-and-snakes / Via

And all the thirsty people said, Amen.


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