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    Posted on Dec 28, 2017

    15 People Who Are Definitely Time Travelers

    They're all either time travelers or immortal vampires.

    After Twitter user @cdaenerys posted a thread on Tuesday afternoon about people who look just like paintings, other users quickly began sharing pictures of their own art doppelgängers.


    1. They are literally the same person.

    2. Sir, are you aware that you're standing in front of yourself?

    3. Have you ever seen a better shampoo ad??

    4. What. Is. Happening?

    5. This man has been filled with angst for centuries.

    6. You're telling me this man isn't standing next to his own picture?

    7. I dare you to come for this man's hat game.

    8. The longer you stare, the more the two become one.

    9. Who knew Weird Al has been around since the Renaissance?

    10. The original creator of "look back at it."

    11. This man has been judging peasants for decades!

    12. Send (painted) nudes.

    13. Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    14. Feeling cute, might delete later.

    15. And finally, 100% undeniable proof that Barb from Stranger Things, aka Shannon Purser, is an immortal goddess.

    @ShannonPurser / Via Twitter: @shannonpurser

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