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Posted on Jun 25, 2018

Walmart Completely Shut Down A Customer Who Joked About Stealing, And This Is The Drama I Live For

We're gonna need a cleanup on aisle 3.

Over the past few years, Twitter has seen its fair share of trolling, and recently even brands like Wendy's and Burger King have started to get in on the action.

@Wendys / Via Twitter: @Wendys

While Wendy's has long held the title of the Royal Queen of Twitter Throwdowns, Walmart may have just given the fast-food chain a run for their Frosties.

@babyyycurlz / Via Twitter: @babyyycurlz

It all started with a pretty wholesome tweet from user @Murk361.

I Like Going To Walmart For Fun

@Murk361 / Via Twitter: @Murk361

Super kind, right? Walmart saw Murk's tweet and even responded with a follow-up question...but that's when everything went downhill.

@Murk361 / Via Twitter: @Murk361

Oh damn, Murk, you totally got 'em. There's no way Walmart could ever come back from this, right? WRONG.

Reddit / Via

Walmart waited a few hours to respond, kindly letting Murk relish the sweet taste of victory. Then they came in for the kill.

@Walmart / Via Twitter: @Walmart

No one was even remotely spiritually, physically, or psychologically prepared for Walmart's reply.

@vividvalley / Via Twitter: @vividvalley

@Walmart @Murk361 When @Walmart has a better sense of humor than expected

@ProjectQuise / Via Twitter: @ProjectQuise

@Walmart @Murk361 Well played Walmart. Well played.

@Just_Shoki / Via Twitter: @Just_Shoki

It's OK, Murk. Walmart definitely sells ointment for that burn.

TV Land / Via

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