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Fans Are Sharing Their Fave Celeb Encounters On Twitter And It's Pretty Sweet

If Beyoncé can return her empty glasses to the bar, then you can too.

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In light of the new sexual misconduct allegations against comedian Louis C.K. that surfaced this week, Twitter user @BAKKOOONN asked if anyone wanted to share some positive allegations against celebrities.


1. One user shared a story of Tyra Banks laying down some excellent life advice.

@hunktears / Via Twitter: @hunktears
@hunktears / Via Twitter: @hunktears

2. Another talked about how Nathan Fillion looks out for the production crew on set.

@Thesixler / Via Twitter: @Thesixler

3. Mara Wilson aka Matilda shared how her movie parents, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, showed her true hospitality.

@BAKKOOONN Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman let me stay with them when my mom was in the hospital for cancer surgeries

@MaraWilson / Via Twitter: @MaraWilson

4. One user told the story of David Tennant taking time out to read a fan's academic paper.

@angevin2 / Via Twitter: @angevin2

5. There were a lot of stories about celebrities who went out of their way to tip well.

@rachelmillman / Via Twitter: @rachelmillman


@itspronounced48 / Via Twitter: @itspronounced48


@megaclang / Via Twitter: @megaclang

8. There was even a story about Robin Williams secretly paying for people who were bowling.

@javachik / Via Twitter: @javachik

9. Seriously, not even the smallest acts of kindness went unnoticed.

@felix_cohen / Via Twitter: @felix_cohen

Hopefully this serves as just a friendly reminder that it's not hard to be nice to people, so like don't be a jerk, OK?

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