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    21 Vines That Will Make You Cry And Say, "Why The Fuck Did They End This Beautiful App?"

    Rest in peace my sweet angel.

    It was exactly one year ago that Twitter announced it would be shutting down Vine and honestly I'm still not over it. So to honor the anniversary of the death of Vine, here are just some really great videos the app gave us.

    for the homie, @vine i love you💚 the first company to take a chance on me. and give me genuine support

    @meechonmars / Via Twitter: @meechonmars

    1. Vine gave us many gifts, like sibling fights.

    2. And athletic dogs.

    3. Vine showed us moments of pure wonderment.

    4. As well as pure talent.

    5. We learned how to pronounce new words.

    6. And new phrases.

    7. Vine taught us how to pose.

    8. And how to own up to our actions.

    9. Vine often showcased the simple joys in life.

    10. And it always challenged us to do our best.

    11. We learned how to express our emotions.

    12. And how to make a first impression.

    13. Vine was filled with musicians.

    14. And dancers.

    15. It even had a few gymnasts.

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    16. And you better not forget all the dogs Vine introduced us to.

    17. Or the really great birb friends we made.

    18. Vine taught us how momentum worked.

    19. And how to measure thiccness.

    20. Most importantly, Vine tried to keep us honest.

    21. Thanks for all the memories, Vine!

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