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17 People Who Did The Absolute Most For Their Relationships

I'm just happy when my boyfriend splits the bill with me.

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1. When this boyfriend made their love story into an actual book.

So my boyfriend made me a book 😭💞 @gago_alema I love you.

2. When this man was so proud of his graduating girlfriend he got her face on his shirt.

The way my man showed up to my graduation >>>

3. When this girl's prom date brought her a turkey leg instead of flowers.

popped up wit a turkey leg instead of flowers cause she special🖤


4. When this dude got his girl's face on his damn shoes.

brooooooo im really about to be rocking my girl on my shoes how cool is that

5. When this boyfriend celebrated Mother's Day a ~little~ too early.

so it's Mother's Day & my boyfriend did this & took me out bc he said I'm gonna have his kids one day.

6. When this girlfriend cheered on her girl through a full plate of wings.

Get you a significant other that supports you clearing your wings

7. And when this boyfriend played hype man while his girlfriend put on her makeup.

@iverbz / Via

8. When the girl's boyfriend made a picture of her face out of tweets.

@kirstystorar / Via Instagram: @kirstystorar

9. When this dude actually put his girlfriend's face on a freaking air freshener.

i can't believe my boyfriend got himself a car freshener with my face on it

10. When this athlete ran 5.5 miles just to ask his girl to prom.

But did your prom date run 5.5 miles to ask you

11. When this boyfriend wrote the sweetest note for his girl.

My sister's boyfriend's birthday was the 14th. My sister's birthday is tomorrow, the 16th. He left her this note to…


12. And when this dad wrote the poem to end all poems.

My dad's been writing my mom a poem every valentine's day for 20 years and this year he took a line from every sing…

13. When this mom already missed her husband after just seeing him.

my mom misses my dad so much she's been laying next to this picture of him...she saw him 9 hours ago

14. When this boy showed up on Mother's Day with flowers for every damn woman in the family.

he showed up with flowers for my mom, grandma, & two aunts😢 what did i do to deserve him

15. When this couple legitimately put kissing pictures on their debit cards.

my gf n i got customized debit cards💞

But did the shoe fit?

16. When this mom dressed her man up to receive the Oscar for "Best Husband."

My mom made my dad dress up and presented him with the "Best Husband" Oscar 😂 I want to be this extra as a wife 😂😍