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17 Things That'll Make Everyone With Roommates Say, "Yep, I've Definitely Done That"

Raise your hand if you've left a dirty dish in the sink for at least a week.

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1. Forcing your roommates to hold their bladders because you're enjoying a nice long shower.

2. Waking up your roommates at 3 A.M. because you came home drunk and started knocking things over.

3. Or because you forgot the key.


4. Playing chicken with the toilet paper so you don't have to be the one to replace the roll.

5. Pretending like you didn't eat your roommate's food.

6. Or use their shampoo/soap.

7. Or basically just borrow anything they own without asking.

@iiBreakNecks / Via Twitter: @iiBreakNecks

8. Bringing a ~lover~ over and not giving your other roommates a heads up.

9. Doing the do with said ~lover~ without playing any music to cover up the noises coming out of your room.

10. Loudly bitching about your roommate even though you know they're in the other room.

@cynthiaaglz / Via Twitter: @cynthiaaglz

11. Eavesdropping every time your roommate gets in a fight with their significant other.

12. Snoozing your alarm 10 times before you actually get up.

When you're trying to sleep and your roommate's alarm keeps going off

@ChriCout13 / Via Twitter: @ChriCout13

14. Stacking pizza boxes on top of the trash bin because you're too lazy to actually take out the trash.

13. Leaving passive aggressive notes all over the apartment.

@amanda_p / Via Twitter: @amanda_p

15. Complaining about your roommate's significant other always being over, but then getting in a relationship and having your significant other always stay the night.

16. Always needing a reminder to send money for groceries, utilities, and rent.

17. And finally, always being the last to go to bed so you can set the thermostat to whatever you want.


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