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    17 Quotes From Mister Rogers The World Really Needs Right Now

    "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

    It's the 50th anniversary of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, and we could all use a reminder to be kind and to love one another. Here are 17 quotes from everyone's favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers.

    1. He taught us that it doesn't matter what we have, but how we use it.

    2. He advocated for peace.

    3. He knew the importance of being your own true self.

    4. He always told us we were special.

    5. He loved everyone for who they truly were.

    6. He understood that sometimes you just need a good cry.

    7. He always stood up for children.

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    8. He believed everyone should help others.

    9. He knew the keys to success.

    10. He encouraged staying in touch with your inner child.

    11. He was thankful to those who helped him along his way.

    12. He wanted us to know our worth.

    13. He always wanted the best for his neighbors.

    14. He helped others grow.

    15. He knew true love meant acceptance.

    16. He knew what winning looked like.

    17. And he reminded us that even in the darkest time, there will always be light.

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    Thank you Mr. Rogers for showing us how to be a good neighbor.

    18. Note: While the show had its first run 50 years ago, it did not begin airing nationally on PBS until 1968.