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15 Times Twitter Fell For Men Doing The Absolute Bare Minimum

We've all been there at some point in time.

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2. Or when he surprised you with chicken nuggets.

#Bareminimumtwitter getting ready for their wedding after their man buys them chicken nuggets

3. When your hands were full so he opened a door for you.

guy: *opens a door for his girlfriend* bare minimum twitter: marry his sis😍Where can I get a man like this?? 😩

4. When he got along well with children.

*Video of a father being nice to his child* Bare minimum Twitter:


6. When he made eye contact with you that one time.

“You know it’s real love when he looks in your direction” Bare minimum Twitter:

7. When he ran errands with you.

bare minimum Twitter thinks going to Walgreens to buy shaving cream is a date.

8. When he remembered to text you back.


11. When he carried a suitcase for you.

He carried my luggage up the stairs cause there were no elevators. #BareMinimumTwitter


13. When you sneezed and he said "bless you."

Boy: *says 'bless you' after someone sneezed* Bare minimum twitter:

15. And basically any time he treated women with common decency.

Boy: shows basic human respect for a woman bare minimum twitter: Where Y’all Finding These Men???? 😩😩😩😫😫😩💯💯💯💯💦💦💦💦…