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    15 Photos That Will Make You Want To Scrub Your Brain With Soap And Water

    I would like a shower.

    1. This completely appropriate water stain.

    2. This super innocent candle wax.

    3. This absolutely delicious pork belly.

    4. This PG-rated coffee creamer.

    5. And these very wholesome shadows.

    6. This totally normal looking purse.

    7. These very spirited Christmas candle holders.

    8. This definitely nutritious turkey.

    9. And this very merry holiday gift bag.

    10. This pretty average Reese's cup.

    11. This scrumptious chicken nugget from Chick-fil-A.

    12. This elegant wedding cake.

    13. This bigger than average motel sign.

    14. This super clean soap dispenser.

    15. And finally, these flakey strawberry pastries.

    H/T r/MildlyVagina and r/MildlyPenis