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    Here Are 14 Dumb Things People Have Actually Cried About, And Honestly, I Totally Get It

    "I once cried because I couldn’t get my eyebrows to look the same."

    Last night, Twitter user Tolani Shoneye asked her followers to share the dumbest thing they have ever cried about, and the responses were way too relatable.

    1. Shoneye started things off by saying that she shed a few tears after failing to fit all her things in her bag.

    @tolly_t / Via Twitter: @tolly_t

    Shoneye is also a BuzzFeed employee.

    2. People have cried real, human tears over their outfits.

    @_thisisamina / Via Twitter: @_thisisamina

    3. And over the struggle to take off skinny jeans.

    @giftadelle / Via Twitter: @giftadelle

    4. Hearts have been broken by makeup that mysteriously disappeared.

    @Mariamanitaades / Via Twitter: @Mariamanitaades

    5. And cars that seemed impossible to find.

    @beatettehxo / Via Twitter: @beatettehxo

    6. Some even cried over eyebrows that just refused to match.

    @sommichi / Via Twitter: @sommichi

    7. Of course, a few crying fits were brought on by pregnancy hormones.

    @NatalieSpink24 / Via Twitter: @NatalieSpink24

    8. Other conniptions were brought on by the most trivial frustrations.

    @KeishaBee626 / Via Twitter: @KeishaBee626

    9. It seemed like even the tiniest inconveniences could bring humankind to tears.

    @PaulaPaceSetter / Via Twitter: @PaulaPaceSetter

    10. But don't worry, there were also some happy tears!

    @DittoDarling / Via Twitter: @DittoDarling

    11. I mean, some really happy tears.

    @ZaynMalikZsquad / Via Twitter: @ZaynMalikZsquad

    12. But it was mostly a lot of sad tears.

    @iamnrc / Via Twitter: @iamnrc

    13. There were some experiences that totally warranted crying.

    @AthenaVidoni / Via Twitter: @AthenaVidoni

    14. But then there were some tears that even my overemotional ass can't quite understand.

    @HadiyahSama / Via Twitter: @HadiyahSama

    Personally, I cry every time I watch Hannah Montana: The Movie, so I really have no room to judge anyone.


    Have you also had one of those days where you just seem to cry over the most innocuous stuff? Tell us about it below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.


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