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10 No-Brainer New Year's Resolutions You Should Actually Try

This is for everyone who breaks their resolutions one week in.

I'll admit, I'm the first to break any New Year's resolution I make, but I'm pretty sure it's because I've been making my resolutions too big. I mean, who am I kidding, there's no way I can keep a resolution of doing pushups every day.


So, if you're like me and want to make a resolution but find it hard to keep them, don't worry, because this year I've got you. Here are some low-key resolutions that pretty much anyone — including my lazy ass — can keep for a full year.


1. Stop looking up your ex on social media.

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Breakups are tough, but scrolling through your ex's tagged photos to see who they're hanging out with won't help you at all. Next time you feel the urge to look up your ex on Facebook or Instagram, stop what you're doing and go look up videos of dogs reuniting with their owners. But if you lack self-discipline like I do, take it to the next level and just block their number and social media accounts. You can use a plug-in like Block Site to get the job done. It's worth it.

2. Actually remember to call your family members back.


I know we live an age where phone calls are somewhat intimidating, because what has to be said over the phone that you can't just say over text, right? But that's not a good enough excuse to not call your family back. They're obviously calling for a reason, and it's nice to actually hear someone's voice. So stop scrolling through Twitter for like five minutes and call them back, OK? Hell, if you want to take it one step further, why don't you call them first? I promise that phone call will make their day.

3. Send a freaking thank you note when you receive a gift.


Did someone give you a gift for your birthday or Christmas? Send a thank you note! If someone can take time out of their day to spend their hard-earned money on a gift for you, you can take a moment to write a thank you note. Don't let that third-grade cursive education go to waste.

4. Stop drinking and online shopping.


Drinking? Fun! Shopping? Fun! Drinking and shopping? That's where danger lives, my friend. Sure, after three and a half margaritas that life-sized Bigfoot statue may seem like the perfect finishing touch for your living room, but sober you will probably disagree. Repeat after me, I will not drink and Prime.

5. Drink some damn water.

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Come on, y'all, it's 2018 so you should know how important it is to be hydrated. Seriously, it's cheaper to drink water at restaurants than buying a soda or alcoholic beverage. Keep water at your desk and on your nightstand. Hell, put a bottle of water in the shower if you have to. Just stay hydrated.

6. Stop looking at your phone at the table.


Unless you're eating dinner alone and you feel too awkward to just sit in silence, keep your phone face down at the table. If you can't even handle having your phone in arm's reach then why not just put it in your bag? Nothing looks douchier than a table full of people all looking at their phones until their food arrives. Don't be that table.

7. Only say "I'm sorry" when you actually mean it.

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It's so easy to get into the habit of apologizing all the time, but statistically not everything can be your fault. When you say "I'm sorry" for any and everything, not only do you continually put the blame on yourself, but it cheapens your apology when you truly are sorry for something.

8. Learn how to actually take a compliment.

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I get it, accepting compliments can be hard when you struggle with insecurities, but qualifying someone's compliment is actually pretty freaking rude. All you have to say is "thank you," but if that feels too short, maybe add on a simple, "I really appreciate you saying that." Stay positive, don't self-deprecate, and take the damn compliment, OK?

9. Unfollow toxic people on social media.


This is the time to leave toxic people in the dust. Go through your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and do a mass unfriending and unfollowing of all the people whose content makes you think, Ughhh, they're the worst. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hate read as much as the next person, but do you really want to carry all that negativity around with you all year? I didn't think so.

10. Do one thing each week that you truly love.


Resolutions aren't always about changing negative aspects in your life. They can center around celebrating the good things, too. Whether it's taking a 10-minute break out of your workday to walk around the block sipping your favorite cup of coffee or simply just taking yourself out to a movie, find a way to treat yourself on a smaller scale once a week.

Here's to an amazing 2018!

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