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19 Things That Happen When You Don't Wear Makeup

"Is something wrong?"

1. A pimple decides to appear out of nowhere.

2. The guy you've been texting sees you and avoids eye contact.

3. The local news station wants to interview you on camera.

4. A Ryan Gosling look-alike is sitting next to you on the subway.

5. You stop by Sephora and the makeup artists keep asking if they can help you.

6. You bump into your ex-boyfriend and his hot new girlfriend.

7. Your best friend wants to take selfies with you.

8. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wonder where all that oil came from.

9. "Is something wrong?" —Everyone

10. You try putting on mascara in the car and end up with raccoon eyes.

11. You see someone you went to high school with.

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But on the other hand...

12. Those extra 20 minutes of sleep were glorious.

TLC / Via

13. Your contacts aren't at war with your (nonexistent) eyeliner.

Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

14. You can freely rub your eyes without worrying about smudging.

15. There are no lipstick stains on your coffee cup.

NBC / Via

16. And there are no foundation stains on your clothes or fingers.

Disney Channel / Via

17. Without all that goop, your skin is practically glowing.

Jenna Marbles / Via

18. You realize you don't really need makeup.

19. So you shrug your shoulders and continue being your fabulous, au naturale self.

Look out, world.

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