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22 R.L. Stine Book Covers For Horrific Moments In Your Twenties

The Point Horror, Fear Street, and Goosebumps author understands the terror that lurks everywhere in your life.

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1. When you're thinking about that ex.

2. And every bad date you've ever had.

3. When you plot revenge after having your heart broken.

4. This is how you nervously answer the door to a random hook-up.

5. When your special "sleepover friend" first sees you wearing your night retainer.

6. That awful moment when you accidentally fart under the bed covers while sleeping next to someone.

7. When it's "Desperate O'Clock" (i.e. post-2am), and you don't wanna go home alone.


8. The crushing experience of seeing your friend date a guy you like too.

9. Meeting your S.O.'s family.

10. How you feel all day, every day about your job.

11. How you think you behave when you see your work crush.

12. And how you really behave.

13. The shade you throw when a colleague eats a stinky lunch at their desk next to you.

14. When the bank keeps calling you about your overdue credit card repayments.

15. The desperation when you think about just how you're going to pay off your debts.

16. What you hope to achieve when you say "No Carbs Before Marbs".

17. "Alright Netflix, just one more episode."

18. When you're hungover and the takeaway person says your food won't be delivered for over an hour.

19. When your housemate uses the last of the milk and doesn't replace it.

20. Your experience when you must go beyond Zone 2 in London to meet friends.

21. What you see when you're tagged in a dreadful picture on Facebook.

22. Finally, how you are with your best frenemy.