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This Guy Had His Mum Read His Grindr Messages And It's Surprisingly Sweet

"Group fun. What does that mean?"

Riyadh Khalaf, a radio journalist and YouTube star from Dublin, just went where few gay men have gone before: He let his mum go through his Grindr messages.

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The 24-year-old wanted his mum Lorraine to experience Grindr for herself, so over a period of three weeks, Riyadh left his app open, unattended, for an hour a day, so that messages accumulated for Lorraine to then sift through.

Needless to say, she gained an intimate knowledge of what Grindr exchanges can be like.

Yep, unsolicited nude pics, invitations to threesomes, questions about sexual positions, and dodgy grammar all feature!

Riyadh told BuzzFeed News, "I was terrified about what she was about to discover on my phone."

"I was especially worried about pictures of male appendages. She did see a few but because I'm the best son in the world, I cut those clips out. They are hilarious. You'll just have to trust me on that one."

"Our reactions are totally natural. She was truthfully shocked by how 'to the point' the messages were."

"In her words, 'They're not wasting any time, Riyadh!' Mom felt sad that there was no build-up, so little flirting, and a lot of sex talk, but I assured her there are other apps for that type of thing – Facebook, mainly!

"It was the best laugh we've had in ages reading the messages whilst being completely detached from the guys and knowing it was all in the name of entertainment. Poor guys didn't have a chance."

Even more impressive, Lorraine went through the whole experience stone-cold sober, despite those noticeable wine glasses in the video.

"I was knocking back some wine before a meal in town, but she only had it as a prop. She was driving somewhere 20 minutes after we stopped shooting. We did make up for it last night though. 'Merlot and Mam' was the theme of the night. Heaven."

As you might expect, Riyadh and his mum are better pals than a lot of mothers and sons.

"We have the closest relationship that I've ever seen between a mother and son," he said. "People are generally grossed by what we share, but nothing is off-limits. I even know with explicit detail how the night of my conception went. It was very romantic, in a B&B and after they watched Rocky."

Riyadh says he didn't have to worry about upsetting his mum or making her worry unnecessarily about what life is like for young gay men on the dating scene today.

"In a clip that didn't make the cut, she came across a picture of an extremely built man and her words were, 'Jesus, Riyadh, he'd break you. Don't ever go near a man like that, OK?' She knows I've got a good head on my shoulders and that I have a genuine phobia of one-night stands, so she trusts I'm not going to end up 'broken'.

"However, she did say that the messages were a lot more vulgar than expected."

"But as I say, you don't go to the butcher chop looking for an organic sprouts. The app has an audience and a function that I decided to exploit for a pure laugh – nothing more, nothing less. Lorraine has more gay friends than me and knows that stereotypes are just that, nothing more."

Kudos to you both, Khalafs.