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    These Unseen Clips Reveal A Totally Different Side To Hozier's "Take Me To Church" Video

    Behind-the-scenes Instagram videos show the cast and crew messing around while shooting the harrowing promo. H/T: and Damien Murphy.

    Irish singer Hozier's song "Take Me To Church" is a famously intense track.

    And its accompanying video is deadly serious, depicting a homophobic hate crime against a male gay couple (played by Emmet O'Riabhaigh and Daniel Coughlan).

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    Yeah, not much room for shits and giggles there.

    But behind-the-scenes videos taken during the video's shoot in 2013 show that those involved had some fun while making it.

    Irish website has unearthed Instagram clips recorded by Damien Murphy, who was one of the producers of (as well as one of the thugs in) Hozier's VMA-nominated promo.

    Here, one of the leading men, Emmet, lightens the mood by breaking into some R. Kelly.

    There's a discussion about which type of sauce will pass most realistically for blood.

    The locked box proves to be surprisingly resilient...

    ...before Emmet makes a guess at its possible contents.

    And this Tom Hanks/Castaway impression is worthy of the man himself.

    Producer Damien told BuzzFeed: "The video took three days in total to film, and Andrew [Hozier] was around for the third day of the shoot.

    "He cameos as one of the thugs himself at the back of the group, but he was quite tall in comparison so there's no closeup shots of him. Then during filming, the guards (police) were called on us by a neighbour because they had driven past and spotted the thugs at the start of our shoot!"

    FYI, Damien says the two guys were humming a '90s song as they were kissing, but he can't remember which one.

    Damien added: "The shoot itself was nothing but fun.

    "There was no downer on any of the days - we were all friends beforehand, and shot in friends' houses, so it was all very lighthearted."