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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    50 Annoying Little Things That Will Ruin Your Day Before It's Even Begun

    You're really pushing me world.

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    1. Waking up to a cold house because the heating didn't come on. Or worse, your housemate changed the timed settings without informing you.

    2. Waking up an hour before your alarm, but then falling back asleep, only for the alarm to go off what seems minutes later.

    3. Your roommate sleeping through various alarms that (s)he won't turn off.

    4. The shower head falling from its stand.

    5. Low water pressure in the shower.

    6. Grime and icky suds still left in the shower from the previous user. And/or hair in the sinkhole.

    7. Discovering a massive pimple has sprouted overnight.

    8. Hair that just won't cooperate.

    9. Realising your phone didn't charge properly overnight.

    10. No milk left, or, even more irritating, just a tiny bit left, not even enough for a measly cup of tea. There's so little that can be done with it that you just have to chuck it out. Jeez, thanks world.

    11. The food recycling bag breaking and spilling.

    12. Just missing the bin men as you put out the rubbish.

    13. The iron making a mysterious stain on your clothes.

    14. Getting a piece of food (usually seeds) stuck in your teeth that just won't budge.

    15. Choking on breakfast that you wolfed down too fast.

    16. Realising way too late that your breakfast grub is gone off.

    17. Misjudging the time and having to run to catch your public transport, making you sweaty and frazzled within seconds of leaving the house.

    18. Stepping in a puddle, resulting in wet socks/feet for the day.

    19. Your Oyster card won't work, or you forgot to update it, and now you have to queue to do it at the machines (one or more of which is out of order).

    20. Forgetting to use the loo before running for your bus/train.

    21. Your train is delayed, and the live update keeps changing, and it bloody never comes.

    22. Then you learn your train is delayed for this ridiculous reason.

    Jesus, it's a wonder trains run in this city at all

    Declan Cashin@Tweet_DecFollow

    Jesus, it's a wonder trains run in this city at all

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    23. You get stuck beside someone with the flu on packed public transport.

    24. Your nose starts running while on the bus/train, but you don't have a tissue, so you have to keep slyly dabbing at it with your fingers/sleeve.

    25. There's a passenger who insists on playing his/her music out loud, rather than use headphones.

    26. You suspect you've been the subject of a Rush Hour Crush in the Metro and now you're afraid you're being watched.

    27. You realise that you haven't been the subject of a Rush Hour Crush YET AGAIN, and momentarily question what the hell is wrong with you and why no strangers fancy you and WANT TO FIND YOU.

    28. You discover you forgot your book and/or your Kindle/iPad isn't charged, and you have an epic commute ahead.

    29. A contact lens pops out and you don't have a replacement.

    30. Your contact lenses refused to go in your eye in the first place.

    31. There's a smudge on your glasses that you just can't clean, no matter what.

    32. Your tights rip.

    33. The seam of your trousers rips.

    34. ANY TYPE OF RIP.

    35. You go to the gym and realise you left some of your gear at home. You then have to call it quits, or improvise.

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    36. You end up in a class or working out next to THIS person.

    37. Half asleep walking into the gym, you only realise while in the shower post-workout that you forgot to fetch a towel to dry off.

    38. Your protein powder/pre-mixed shake spilled in your bag, soiling your fresh underwear and/or clothes.

    39. The elevator at work is out of order and you have to take that long, steep flight of stairs - after your "leg day".

    40. These coffee cup lids. Just the worst. IT SPILLS EVERYWHERE.

    Declan Cashin / BuzzFeed

    41. Someone has stolen/thrown out your stash of office food.

    42. You forget the alarm code for the office, and now the bloody thing won't shut up, and, oh great, here comes security.

    43. You came in early especially to catch up on work, but the office internet/system is down.

    44. You spill some sloppy food on your clothes. I'm looking at you yogurt.

    45. The air conditioning won't work.

    46. The air conditioning is working too well.

    47. Just F*CK OFF air conditioning!

    48. The colleague that sits next to you comes in coughing and sneezing.

    49. You realise there's no toilet paper in the office loo - mid-way through your morning, erm, bowel evacuation.

    50. You remember, way too late, that it's actually your day off.

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