13 Of The Weirdest Rush Hour Crushes From Metro

Fancy someone but can’t face asking them out in person? Why not send a slightly psychopathic letter to a newspaper that will be read by millions?

You know Metro’s Rush-Hour Crush, where people ask their crush out in a column read by millions instead of, you know, asking them out in person.

But don’t you think that some of the crushes are a little bit…. well…. creepy?

ID: 2283998

1. Like this one.

No thanks.

ID: 2283684

2. And this one.

No No No No No No No No No.

ID: 2284168

3. The info at the bottom here isn’t necessary.

ID: 2283948

4. This one reads like a really bad sex novel.

ID: 2284226

5. This double entendre at the end is unsettling.

ID: 2284075

6. This one has just got problems all over the shop.

ID: 2284232

7. This one could lead to an employment tribunal.


ID: 2283854

8. This one made me a little bit sick in my mouth.

ID: 2283901

9. This is just creepy.


ID: 2284184

10. Pretty pretty pretty pretty CREEPY.

ID: 2284110

11. But the creepiest one ever? THIS.

ID: 2283833

12. Oh btw, this apology won’t get you a nice date.

ID: 2284157

13. Neither will this one.

ID: 2284022

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