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    Here's What The Cast Of "Death Becomes Her" Looks Like Today

    Siempre viva! Live forever!

    Death Becomes Her came out in 1992.

    It's a movie about age, and the obsession with staying young and youthful-looking for as long as possible.

    So, do you want to see what the movie's cast look like 22 years later? What's the magic word?

    Meryl Streep (Madeline Ashton)

    Fun fact: When Madeline drinks the immortality potion, her breasts grow higher and firmer. A special pneumatic bra was created for the pumped-up effect, but filmmakers weren't happy with it. So instead, a production assistant stood behind Streep, out of sight of the cameras, and pushed the actress's boobs into place.

    Goldie Hawn (Helen Sharp)

    Fun fact: Helen drinks the eternal youth potion on 26 October 1985 – the same date as the "present day" in the original Back To The Future. Both films were directed by Robert Zemeckis.

    Bruce Willis (Dr Ernest Menville)

    Fun fact: The original ending of Death Becomes Her was completely changed after test audiences reacted negatively to it. That first cut featured British comedian Tracey Ullman as a bartender with whom Ernest falls in love. Ullman's scenes ended up being totally removed from the finished movie after an extensive rewrite.

    Fun fact 2: Before the title of the film was settled on, Willis suggested two other options: It's Death, Baby and My Man Death.

    Isabella Rossellini (Lisle Von Rhuman)

    Fun fact: Rossellini's body double in the movie was London-born actress Catherine Bell.

    What is these stars' big secret for ageing gracefully, you ask?