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Here's What The Cast Of "Death Becomes Her" Looks Like Today

Siempre viva! Live forever!

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Death Becomes Her came out in 1992.

It's a movie about age, and the obsession with staying young and youthful-looking for as long as possible.


Fun fact: When Madeline drinks the immortality potion, her breasts grow higher and firmer. A special pneumatic bra was created for the pumped-up effect, but filmmakers weren't happy with it. So instead, a production assistant stood behind Streep, out of sight of the cameras, and pushed the actress's boobs into place.

Fun fact: Helen drinks the eternal youth potion on 26 October 1985 – the same date as the "present day" in the original Back To The Future. Both films were directed by Robert Zemeckis.


Fun fact: The original ending of Death Becomes Her was completely changed after test audiences reacted negatively to it. That first cut featured British comedian Tracey Ullman as a bartender with whom Ernest falls in love. Ullman's scenes ended up being totally removed from the finished movie after an extensive rewrite.

Fun fact 2: Before the title of the film was settled on, Willis suggested two other options: It's Death, Baby and My Man Death.

Fun fact: Rossellini's body double in the movie was London-born actress Catherine Bell.