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Here's The Excruciating Moment President Obama Left The Irish Prime Minister Hanging

Warning: Watching this may cause actual physical pain.

Irish taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny met the US president at the White House yesterday, as is St Patrick's Day tradition.

At the start of their joint press appearance in the Oval Office, Kenny went in for a handshake, but Barack Obama didn't seem to notice it and left the Irishman hanging.


In fairness to Kenny, he did his best to recover from the slight.

"Just checking my nails."

Watch the balls-shrinkingly uncomfortable moment here.

View this video on YouTube

As if Kenny's day in Washington wasn't awkward enough, NBC's news ticker then got confused about his name and gender, calling him "Edna Kenny".

This is the breaking news ticker on NBC's nationally broadcast Today Show. #Ednagate #endaUS

Still, at least the taoiseach got to meet Hulk Hogan on his trip.

Taoiseach meets Hulk Hogan en route from Atlanta to Austin #EndaUS #hulk @HulkHogan @EndaKennyTD

What do you have to say for yourself, Mr President?

I'm sure Enda/Edna will forgive you, sir.

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