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21 Of The Funniest Ways People Have Cheated On Exams

Don't get any ideas.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the lengths they've gone to cheat on an exam. Here are some of the crazy ways people have tried to score an 'A'.

1. This closet caper:

"In Spanish class we hid an actual exchange student from Mexico in the supply closet, gave her a copy of the test, and she whispered the answers to the people sitting in the back row next to the closet. My teacher had no idea." —SummerGrace

2. This fashionable geek:

"I knew I was going to have a test about the periodic table so I wore a shirt which had the periodic table and the words 'I wear this shirt periodically,' on it. The teacher thought it was a cool shirt and let me take the test with it on. I got an A." —saynotothis

3. This guy taking one for the team:

"I taped a notecard to the back of the guy in front of me. From the teachers desk you could see nothing. If the teacher got up, I would pull down the guys hoodie to cover it. Our entire row was in on it, so everyone benefited except the trooper who sat in the front. We had a system where, when we were ready to get up to turn in the papers, we would shrug our shoulders and stretch our neck so the person behind you would peel off the notecard on your back and dispose of the evidence. We never got caught." —aiyannac

4. This girl who was twinning:

"I have a twin sister and in freshman year of college I took a calculus class. In this class there was a gateway exam, and since I didn’t know the material well I just had my sister go in and take it for me. She was the reason why I passed the class." —ashleya48257e2ba

5. This well-designed plan:

"A classmate of mine carefully removed the label from a Coke bottle and scanned it as an image file, opened up Photoshop and replaced the ingredients paragraph with notes from the test and reprinted it on glossy paper. After careful cutting and gluing it back onto the bottle, it looked exactly like an inconspicuous bottle of Coke that he just kept on his desktop during the exam." —laurenpilecki

6. This more modern way of cheating:

"I bought an Android smartwatch specifically to cheat. I would screenshot my notes and send them to my watch for viewing, or if I needed to Google something by voice I would say it aloud as if I was thinking to myself." —epotts0629

7. This stylish scheme:

"I braided my hair into two dutch/fish braids, made little paper strips with the answers and key-words, rolled them really tiny and hid them in between the braid strokes. I never got caught with that one." —andhreinagonzalezv

8. This idea no one saw coming:

"I wrote out the answers in invisible ink on my body and then used the flashlight on the back of the pen it came with to see them. No way of ever getting caught." —kylemckeebrown

9. This risky fashion statement:

"Once I had a friend come over before the exam and help me tape notes on my legs. I wore a really long black skirt with slits on both sides that go all the way up. I think the teacher suspected something at one point, but of course he couldn’t tell me to pull my skirt up or whatever. All in all, cheating successful." —marijaholt

10. This musician who's singing his way to an A:

"For one of my classes I was able to listen to music while taking the tests, but I would need to show the teacher what I was listening to. Since I was in a band I had access to make recordings. I would list every answer from the study guide while speaking into the mic. And voilà! The most creative way I ever cheated was turning the information into a song which I was listening to while I took the test." —k497ce5dc7

11. These ridiculously small recital notes:

"On a verbal test for Spanish class in high school we each got called individually to recite a poem we had to memorize in Spanish. We had to go to the teacher's desk, sit in front of her and recite it. My friend wrote out the entire poem on a long strip of paper, then wrapped the paper around the inside of a clear pen. As he recited it, he rolled the pen around in his hands, to read the parts he forgot. Genius." —mimicons100

12. This girl with a "really bad" sore throat:

"This girl I know brought Strepsils into the exam, because of a sore throat. She had unwrapped all the Strepsils and wrote key points on the inside of each of the wrappers, then re-wrapped them. So, it may have looked like she was just taking Strepsils, but she was actually just looking for answers." —rebeccalucys

13. This person who nailed it:

"My accounting teacher gave us a study guide with the exact questions that were going to be on the test. It was a 100-question multiple choice test. I was sick and studying wasn’t working out well. With a pencil I wrote the answers (A,B,C,D) in order on my fingernails very tiny so that they could all fit on my thumb and index finger. Then to make sure that it wouldn’t rub off I applied clear polish." —Allison2333

14. This amazing use of body art:

"The most creative way I cheated on a test was to get the answer from my friend who took the test before me and write the multiple choice answers in the spaces between the tattoos on my arm. The tattoos are quotes so it didn’t look any different than it looked all semester." —AzizaSum

15. This signature move:

"I had this sweater from summer camp that had all the signatures and messages from my camp friends all over it (my version of a yearbook). I would wear it on test days and write the answers alongside the messages from my friends. The teachers couldn’t tell the difference in the writing, and best part is I would write in washable markers so I could just wash and re-use!" —j3lyfyshgal

16. This person that's double trouble:

"Okay so there were two instances where I got creative with my cheating: the first being that I wrote on a tissue, then when I was done I just fake blew my nose into it and tossed it out. The other time was using my accordion folder. The back was opaque until you pressed on it so I would slip the sheet with the answers into the back section, put my folder on the floor (back facing up), then step on it in order to see the answers." —xtinamooso

17. This person who realised it's more work than it's worth:

"I once recorded myself saying all of the answers to an exam on my phone. During the exam I wore a sweatshirt and a chunky scarf to hide my headphones and just played the answers through the headphones. It honestly would’ve taken less time and would’ve been less stressful if I had just studied." —hannaha4fb168609

18. This rubbery method:

"In high school Spanish class I wrote all the vocabulary we needed to know on rubber bands. When they were on my wrist I could read them but when I took them off no one could read them. I told my friend about it before class and shared them by slingshotting them to her when the teacher wasn’t looking." —RenRenn94

19. This calculating duo:

"In secondary school, my best friend and I had an entire alphabet worked out, with symbols, letters, and numbers, so we could communicate via scientific calculator. There was one math exam we took in a classroom and she sat at a desk directly behind me. I told the examiner I had forgotten my calculator and asked if we could share since there were no spares, and the fool agreed. We told one another a few of the answers through passed notes via calculator." —Rumer Priestly, Facebook

20. This team effort:

"My friends and I wrote cheats on the back of our necks and during the test would move our hair so the girl behind us could see the notes." —Arielle Amanda Pianezzola, Facebook

21. This intricate idea:

"I removed the inner workings of my watch and put in the answers. On test day I would make sure to wear a long sleeve shirt and 'check the time' when needed." —krob451

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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