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7 DIY Crafts For Every "Game Of Thrones" Fan

Get your toolbox and start making these!

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1. A map of Westeros / Via

You will need:

16 x 20 Canvas – $2 at the Dollar Store

Cork Sheets – $2 at the Dollar Store

Acrylic Paint


Craft Glue

Westeros Templates (available here and here)


Paint your canvas.

While the paint is drying, print out the templates and use pushpins to affix them to the cork sheet.

Use sharp scissors to start cutting.

Repeat with the second cork sheet and the second part of the map.

Line up both parts of the map and use craft glue to affix them to the dried canvas.

Allow to dry overnight.

Ta-daa, there's your map of Westeros.

3. GoT-themed popcorn boxes

You will need:





Cardboard paper

Game of Thrones-themed pictures


Make the popcorn base (the easiest way to do it is to print a popcorn box template).

Cut everything out, both the popcorn base and the pictures.

Glue the pictures on the box templates.

Glue the boxes together.

4. Coasters

You will need:

A set of coasters (oh look, a handy hyperlink)

Foam Stickers

A porcelain pen o

A craft knife

A printer


A paperclip


Choose a sigil to start with and print it in a size that will fit the coaster.

Use the craft knife to cut out the picture.

Position the template where you want it to be on the coaster and stick it down.

Take the porcelain pen and start tracing round the edges.

Fill in the rest (make sure to draw in eyes and features) and peel the paper off.

Bend the paperclip out so you've got one part of it is straight and use it to scrape off any excess marks. Color over the picture again to get a nice deep black fill.

After the sigil is dry, go back and do the same for the house mottos (you can use a GoT font generator for the mottos).

Put the coaster in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius (320 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30 minutes.

Once finished, leave them to cool and stick the foam stickers on the back.

And you're done.

5. Sigil Badges

Shrinky Dink Paper

An Oven

A Brooch back



Game of Thrones images


Find images online (a shield outline and animals from the sigils).

Copy and paste the images into a word document and print them out onto the Shrinky Dink paper.

Cut out each shape.

Next, follow the instructions on the Shrinky Dink packet.

Paint the pieces once they're cooked.

When they're dry, glue both pieces of plastic together, then glue the brooch back on too.

And you're finished!

6. Game of Thrones-themed lanterns

You will need:

Old glass jars (spaghetti jars, jam jars...)

Gold dimensional puff paint

Glass paint




Remove labels from jars and let them dry completely.

Apply the gold dimensional paint in various patterns and let it dry.

Pour a little bit of glass paint inside the jar and drag the paint up the sides of the jar using the paintbrush, coating all of the jar’s interior and let it dry

Fill them with candles and they're ready to use.

7. Concrete Pillar Candles

You will need:

1 bag of concrete (with sand)


A mound to cast in (e.g. soda cans)

A spoon Paint Stick or dowel rod Scissors (or utility knife)

Small candles


Cut the top off of your soda can.

Pour a small amount of water into it.

Add a cup of concrete mix and stir.

Keep adding concrete dust and water until the concrete mix and water become thick.

Use a paint stick or dowel rod to tap up and down, shaking your mold gently. This will even out the concrete.

Place a candle on top of the concrete and gently press down until candle is flushed in the mix.

Gently hold the inserted candle in place and tap up and down to shake mix evenly around the candle.

Leave to dry overnight.

Once dried, gently score the cast using scissors (or utility knife).

Pull away aluminum and you're finished.

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