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28 Trippy Optical Illusions As GIFs

This shit is CRAZY.

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1. This dizzying hallway:

se cobrir as laterais fica lento, se cobrir o centro acelera

Twitter: @mandikafr

As this Twitter user notes in Portuguese, if you cover the sides of this GIF, it feels like you're traveling slowly. But if you cover the center, you feel like you're accelerating!

2. This of smoke? Cauliflower head?

3. This brain-busting rotation:

4. This cup trick:

5. This unveiling:

6. This crazy cat trick:

7. This never-ending tea party:

8. This hummingbird about to take flight:

9. Oof. Feeling dizzy yet?

10. This road probably straight to hell:

11. This distressing pyramid:

12. This verrrrry trippy wheel:

13. This Willy Wonka type fuckery:

14. This odd intersection:

15. This table that I need in my shoebox apartment, ASAP:

16. Now this is messing with someone's head:

17. These boxes:

18. This extra confusing Rubik's cube:

19. This safety hazard:

20. This freaky way to get distracted drivers to pay attention:

21. These rolling heads:

22. This haunting tableau:

Not a GIF, but still cool.

23. This insane reflection:

24. This good, old fashioned spiral into doom:

Instagram: @aunna_b

Also not a GIF. We think.

25. Now this, I could stare at for hours:

26. This too:

27. This takes it a little too far, though:

28. And now, I just feel like this:


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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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