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A Guy Worked Out How Many People Are Still Alive In "The Walking Dead" Universe

Hint: It's not many.

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Have you ever found yourself watching The Walking Dead and wondering to yourself, 'Gee, enough with this rag tag group of people romping through the South. I want to know who else out there in the big wide world survived the zombie apocalypse!'

Matthew Welch

Like, how many of these people from Season One are still alive? NOT MANY AT ALL.

Well, Matt Lieberman over at SourceFed has put together this video attempting to answer that very important question.

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His first challenge was to pinpoint when the zombie outbreak started so he could get an accurate global population figure. Using technology featured in the prequel Fear The Walking Dead (like this iPad 2)...


Lieberman is eventually able to pinpoint the outbreak to some time in January 2012, which he averages to Jan. 15. (Of course, he notes, this is pretty incredible given The Walking Dead premiered in 2010, but hey, you can't ignore those Apple products).

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