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Posted on Feb 1, 2015

The L.A. Times Just Printed The Scariest Thing You'll Read Today

Playtime's over.

In Sunday's edition of the Los Angeles Times the regular "Creativity Corner" featured this adorable little poem. / Via Twitter: @shelbyfero

"Seashells are shining. Seashells are like ocean waves. Seashells beam at night."

Harpo Productions / Via

And this charming little ditty...

Shelby Fero / Via Twitter: @shelbyfero

"Parakeets are loud. On Friday, I take them out. They are so pretty."

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

And then the newspaper printed... this.

Shelby Fero / Via Twitter: @shelbyfero

"The fire is red as blood. I watch the flames go up in the air as I taste the sadness of the people whose houses have burnt to the ground. I turn back, but all I hear is the bursting and explosion of flames."

20th Century Fox / Via

Boy, that escalated quickly.

We think we know who "Gabi" is.

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