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    This Guy Performed Surprise Splits Around New York


    This is Logan Paul, one of the internet's biggest self-made stars.

    In addition to having a huge following on Vine, the LA-based star is also pretty darn flexible.

    He can leap...

    He can do handstands...

    He can do whatever this is...

    And he can also do the splits -- seriously well.

    During a recent visit to New York City, Paul used his time to try to freak people out by performing surprise splits. The result are hilarious and, well, kind of hypnotic.

    Facebook: video.php

    Paul told BuzzFeed News he's been practicing his stretches for a while now in order to perform the splits.

    "In my endeavor to become the sexiest man in the world, I learned that when you're flexible, you're sex-able," he said. "So I decided to stretch all the time and before I knew it I was able to do the splits!"

    Paul said part of the fun of the video was his taking people by surprise and he purposefully filmed segments in front of people he thought would have a good reaction. "People don't expect that a guy who looks like me is able to do the splits," he said.

    Some people are pretty freaked out...

    But others display a very blasé attitude typical of New Yorkers. "I was stunned by how many people don't care about what's going on around them," he said, confessing he'd shot as many as 15 takes. "It was a little hard to get reactions."

    So does it hurt?!

    "It doesnt hurt," he said. "Everyone asks if it hurts my balls, but I land on the back of my thighs, not my testicles because that would hurt."

    Shine on, you crazy diamond.