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It Looks Like Leslie Jones Just Scored A Date With The Hottest Teacher Alive


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And this is Nicholas Ferroni. He's a New Jersey educator who was once named by People magazine as the sexiest teacher alive.

Instagram: @nicholasferroni

Side note: Here's what he looks like at the gym. 👀

Instagram: @nicholasferroni

On Saturday, Ferroni tweeted about a classroom sketch from a recent episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Finally got to watch @Lin_Manuel's EP of #SNL and I LOVED the teacher segment. And yes, @Lesdoggg, my students think that AXE smells good.


Some 24 HOURS LATER, Jones — we can only assume — was relaxing at home with a glass of wine, scrolling through her Twitter mentions, when she spotted Ferroni's tweet. So she did what any woman with eyes would do and asked him if he was single.

@NicholasFerroni @Lin_Manuel are single too?

In fact, it appears she was so interested she didn't have time for correct grammar.

And then this happened: Ferroni responded, and some VERY PUBLIC FLIRTATION began to take place.

Not missing her chance, Jones asked the crucial question.

@NicholasFerroni @Lin_Manuel ummmmmmmm. Am I your type?

Like the rest of us, Lin-Manuel Miranda was on the edge of his seat.


Ferroni said he didn't have a type and then made a winking emoji (which, as we all know, is basically the most flirty emoji ever).

I don't have a type and don't forget I have 150 kids😉

Jones then used the word "date" for the first time. *GRABS POPCORN*

@NicholasFerroni @Lin_Manuel are you gonna bring them on a date?!


That would require way too many permission slips.


@NicholasFerroni @Lin_Manuel soooooooooo......"Want my number?"


@Lesdoggg @Lin_Manuel Not sure you want to tweet that out:)

By this stage, all of us watching on Twitter had overdosed on popcorn.

@Lesdoggg @NicholasFerroni @Lin_Manuel Ooh, this is getting GOOD!


Finally, like the boss she is, Jones decided she'd done enough of the heavy lifting and left the flirtatious ball in Ferroni's court.

@NicholasFerroni @Lin_Manuel no lol and I'm not doing anymore work. If you interested you will get at me.