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A Python Swallowed An Entire Wallaby In Australia

Warning: These pictures are quite something.

A snake in Australia is most likely now suffering from a food coma after killing and swallowing AN ENTIRE WALLABY on Monday, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Paul O'Neill, a ranger at Nitmiluk National Park in Australia's Northern Territory, went to investigate after noticing some birds "making a frightful noise" and came across this scene, the NT Parks and Wildlife said on Facebook.

O'Neill stumbled upon an Olive Python digesting a young Agile Wallaby and decided to take close-up photographs of the meal, instead of RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE IN CASE HE WAS TO BE DESSERT.

The python constricted itself around the joey...

...opened wide...

...and swallowed it whole.

"That is about the biggest prey item it could eat," said Greg Smith from the Territory Wildlife Park. "That wallaby would take about five to seven days to digest completely and the snake would go and hide for at least a month."