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    • Davidilan

      Never the less, she glosses over, or outright ignores very significant issues. Significant segements of orthodoxy, especially certain Hassidic sects, and the Yeshiva world have yet to come out strongly in favor of reporting suspected child molesters immediately to the appropriate authorities. Some sect have had fundraisers for molesters, and persecuted the victims and families of sexual abuse victims for daring to go to the police! And as to being anti science, what was the whole ban about Rabbi Slifkins books about Torah and science if notawholesale rejection of education and science. Another significant issue is the lack of secualr education turning people into generationally poor, requiring government support without any hope of ever becoming self supporting, and no the Torah doesn’t require this. It REQUIRES you to get an education, and support your family, not the other way around which is so prevalent in the Yeshiva community these days when men learn for decades while their wives slave to raise their children and provideameager income.

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