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This Game Will Teach You A Lesson: You Don't Know Africa

Where's Djibouti? Malawi? Seriously, there's no way you'll share your result of the first try with the world.

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Some people have already developed a solid love-hate-relationship with the game.


— Bess Brownlee (@bessbrownlee) November 28, 2013

This game is killing me: by @davidbauer #YouDontKnowAfrica

— Gregor Aisch (@driven_by_data) November 26, 2013

You don't know Africa virtual map game makes you panic. :D #YouDontKnowAfrica via @davidbauer

— Anna-Maria Tukiainen (@harald_helsinki) November 28, 2013


This is a GREAT game although you'll be humbled by how many countries in Africa you DON'T know.

— Bina Shah (@BinaShah) November 29, 2013

Damn that's really difficult. Click on the correct African countries:

— Susanne Zoehrer (@TheSandworm) November 28, 2013

Can you beat this guy?

Spoiler: Probably not.

I just played #YouDontKnowAfrica and identified 50 African countries in 2:31 Can you do better? via @aardrijkskunde

— Guido Goudswaard (@GuidoGoudswaard) November 28, 2013

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