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33 GIFs That Will Make You Howl With Laughter Every Single Time

Trust us.

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1. The incredibly well-prepared buckethead:

2. The garbage truck that hates its job:

3. The delicious waffle:

4. The dog who's rightfully impressed with herself:

5. The angriest otter:

6. The ladder disaster:


7. The hyperactive goat:

8. The wrong knee:

9. "There's nothing to see here":


10. The busssssss:


11. The definition of "pugnacious":

12. The cheeto machine of the FUTURE:

13. The smarter dog:

14. The slow turn:

15. The treadmill catastrophe:

16. The sudden realization:

17. The suicidal Elmo:

18. The balloon enthusiast:

19. The candy floss incident:

20. "My first lizard":

21. The Taco Transfer:


22. The Photobomb:

23. The devious thief:

24. The impossible catch:


25. The hockey drama:

26. The ice cream artist:

27. The hungry bear:

28. The perfect imitation:

29. The worst defender:

30. The anarchist:

31. The drive-thru:

32. The chase:

33. And the "fuck you, it's my birthday":


Today we are all this dog.

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