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23 Pictures That Prove You Should Definitely Talk To Strangers

Always (safely) talk to strangers.

1. They love taking pictures:

2. They make great family members:

3. They've got great style:

4. They've got the best dance moves:

5. They might just become your friend:

6. They'll miss you if you don't:

7. They're always willing to play it forward:

8. They have the best opinions:

9. They give nice, firm handshakes:

10. They get the best angles:

11. They're always up for a conversation:

12. They're breaking news:

13. They just might need some help:

14. They tip very well:

15. They're just looking out for ya:

16. They're just trying to get to school:

17. They might just be Santa:

18. They want shots:

19. They want to go for a ride:

20. They're LAWLESS:

21. They're always willing to lend a hand:

22. They might just give you a new friend:

23. And they might just be there when you need them: