23 Reasons Why You Should Never Feel Embarassed Again

It’s going to be OK.

1. Because this has never happened to you on live television:

2. And you always remember which knee is yours:

3. And you’ve never been caught red-handed like this:

4. Or so fantastically denied a hug like this:

5. And you’ve never been so horribly denied a chest bump:

6. Or had a handshake crash and burn this poorly:

7. Because your workout routine has never gone this poorly:

8. And you haven’t had a code-red emergency like this at the gym:

9. Because you probably always remember to clear your search bar:

10. Because you’ve never had this happen to you when you thought you were going to get lucky on Skype:

11. And you’ve never pulled a Larson:

12. Because you’ve never had an interaction with your parents like this:

13. Or like this:

14. Keep in mind that no one has ever thought you pooped a tennis ball:

15. And Spider-Man has never flown out of your butt:

16. You’ve never been in this kind of danger:

17. And your big break on TV didn’t go something like this:

18. Because, no matter how bad a dancer you may be, chances are this has never happened:

19. And chances are you’ve never been Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind dude:

20. Because you’ve never been the last person standing:

21. Because if you have a tattoo, chances are it’s not as bad as this “Ana” tattoo:

22. And this never happened to you at your job:

23. Finally, most importantly, because you have never been and will never be Justin Timberlake in the years 1998–2001:

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