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22 Reasons Why Straight White Boys Are Actually The Worst

Take it from me, a straight white boy. The #straightwhiteboys tag is a corny, corny place.

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1. Because no one plays 20 questions like this:

2. Because that's NOT what the "thing" is:

3. Because SWBs barely make any goddamn sense:

4. Because no, no one wants to give a stranger opinions on that:

5. Because that's not what that noise means:

6. Because this should not be considered small talk:

7. Because no one cares which half of you is naked:

8. Because if you have a cat emoji next to your name, you shouldn't be allowed to ask questions like this:

9. Because underwaer:

10. Because every time you start and end a question with "lol" you're better off not asking the question in the first place:

11. Because, no, this isn't sexy:

12. Because this isn't any way to flirt:

13. Because this is not a show of support:

14. Because if you're trying to say something meaningful, this probably isn't the way to do it:

15. And neither is this:

16. Because if you ask questions like this, these are the kind of answers you can expect to get:

17. Because SWBs often have no idea how kitchen appliances work:

18. Because no "lol" can save you when you dig a deep enough hole:

19. Because this is not how Truth or Dare was meant to be played:

20. Because you should probably not be using a phone if you use that many emojis in a sext:

21. Because no one... NO ONE wants to answers this question:

22. And finally, JUST NO.

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