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28 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason At All

They just are.

1. UPS drivers all ran track:

2. Nothing compares to nose-block nostalgia:

3. You never feel worse than when you're in the chair:

4. The best short stories are on shampoo bottles:

5. This is adulthood:

6. Food tastes better with the right show:

7. There is no worse feeling:

8. Nothing feels better than a good pen:

9. There is NO excuse:

10. This is blinding:

11. There's nothing louder than a stomach in a crowded room:

12. You are always giving advice:

13. You gotta repeat:

14. This is the meanest thing you can do to someone:

15. The anxiety is awful:

16. You always check:

17. Your own voice is the most grating sound in the world:

18. Everyone has made THIS face:

19. This is the scariest moment of childhood:

20. This is known as the "Waterslide Pose":

21. This is the only way to handle a mosquito bite:

22. This is truly the most alone you can be:

23. This is the only way to not be afraid:

24. This is the only way to be safe:

25. Shipping makes you question everything:

26. This is the worst:

27. This is how finishing a series on Netflix feels:

28. And it's impossible to forget: