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    Updated on Jan 20, 2019. Posted on Jan 15, 2017

    19 Pictures You'll Understand If Your Dad Loses His Damn Mind Over The Thermostat


    1. Nobody knows why, but it's a fact: every dad is obsessed with the thermostat.

    2. It doesn't matter if you're chilly:

    3. It doesn't matter if you're cold:

    4. It doesn't matter if you're FREEZING:

    They'll go to any length to protect their baby.

    5. They'll lock it up:

    6. Cover it:

    7. Get biblical:

    8. Deceive you:

    9. Hide from you:

    10. Or literally just electrocute you:

    11. And if you do change it, you know you're in deep doo doo.


    13. Dad's have a sixth thermostat sense:

    14. And one way or another, he'll find out:

    15. And all you can do is try to wage war:

    16. Try to envision a warmer future:

    17. Pray for mercy:

    18. But, in the end, dad will always win:

    19. Always.

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